A special thank you goes to those members who turned in cradle items last month: ensembles from Grandma Krebs (18!) and Cyndy Smith, and mattress/pillow sets from Sue Vildosola (9), Gerri Pymm (8), Cyndy Smith (3), and Gerry DeRienzo (4). Pat Swofford made 7 crocheted blankets, and Pat Baker found 3 baby dolls on sale. The woodworkers are most in need of pillows and mattresses at this point, so please focus on those. You can find both stuffing and batting scraps in our guild stash, whichever works better for you. 
Thank you also go to Susan Gill and to Barbara Van Rozeboom, who each donated wonderful fabric to replenish the stash. Some of it was suitable for whole cloth quilts, and can go straight to the long-arm machine for “instant quilt”! 
Carol Mills-Henry made 18 Christmas-themed pillowcases, and comfort quilts were received from Connor Hightower (3), Susan Schara (4), Sharon Sylvester, Sue Rosa, Yvonne Mattingly (2), Anita Frede (2), Janet Nuxoll, and Diana Gardner. Thanks to all of you for your participation in our Comfort Quilts program.
Deliveries consisted of 4 quilts to Valley Health Care Center, 3 to Davita Dialysis, 8 quilts and 18 pillowcases to Marjaree Mason Shelter, and all of the doll items to the woodworkers. Everything was much appreciated! 
Recent members need to know that we have a large stash of fabric as well as good- quality batting which is stored at Susan Schara’s house. All of this is for your use at no charge and is to be used for donation items only. Call Susan for more information or to have batting cut to your desired size. You are welcome to “shop the stash” for fabric whenever you like. 
Hope to see you soon!
Comfort Quilts