San Joaquin Valley Quilters’ GuildBoard Meeting MinutesNovember 17, 2016Hope Lutheran Church The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by President Michele Carlson. Reading and Approval of Minutes. Minutes of the October, 2016, Board meeting were read.  A motion was made by Chris Chapman to approve the minutes. Second by Pauline Beaton.  Motion passed. Reports of Officers. Treasurer-Susan Reckhemmer:  Susan explained the new Treasurer’s Report format and stated that pursuant to the by-laws she needed a budget report from each committee member every month.  Michele stated that if this is no longer needed, the by-laws would have to be changed by the membership.  Michele will meet with the executive board to discuss by-law #5.  A motion was made by Judy Bibb to approve the current Treasurer’s Report.  Second by Gerri Pymm.  Motion passed. Reports of Committee Chairs. Carolee Clayton:  Carolee reported that from October 17 to Nov 17 the website had 220 visits with 1081 page views, 71% of the 220 visits were new visitors to the site.  Facebook had 139 likes.  The most views this month were:  Quilt Retreat post-579 views; Quilt of Valor post-276 views. We will be putting the Quilt Show Vendor Application on the website. Programs-Dianna Short:  Dianna reported that she is still working on a program for December.  In January the appliqué group will give a presentation. 2017 Raffle Quilt Tickets-Tracy Newkirk:  The quilt is available to be taken to ticket sales events. Tracy asked if the Veterans’ Home group she sews with can us the guild stash of fabrics.  This was approved if the items made come back to the guild for donation. Membership – Sharon Pryor:  Sharon reported that we currently have 125 members with 9 renewals in November.  There were 58 members at the November meeting.  42 newsletters are being mailed out.  There are 40 previous members who have not renewed for this year.  Quilts of Valor and Scholarship– Gerri Pymm:  Gerri thanked everyone for all the help for the Quilts of Valor ceremony.  The Veterans’ Hospital would like 3 Quilts of Valor by Christmas. The scholarship presentation will be in May. Quilt Show – Nancy:  The quilt show will be in February, 2018.  This will be a juried/judged show.   New Business. President Michele Carlson reported that the membership still wants snacks at the general meetings.  A sign up sheet for snacks will be tried.  If there is not a good response, snacks will be eliminated. The woodworkers gave the guild some items as a thank you for our participation in their projects.  These will be raffled off at the next meeting. Other:   Nancy Christian stated that Old Town Quilters now meets at Second Chance Fabrics.   The weekend retreat is being changed from Wonder Valley to Thimble Town in Bakersfield.  It will be the first weekend in November, 2017.  The cost will be $188. Adjournment. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m. Respectfully submitted,  Judy Bibb Secretary

Board minutes