December 2013

It appears to me that as we grow in wisdom and grace, we also pick up some momentum! Maybe that’s why it seems like we just did this holiday thing about six months ago! My pal, Pat Baker, sent me an article from the late Jean Ray Laury. It is too lengthy to quote it all in this small space, but I’d like to quote this bit. It is in regards to quilts we gift, and since this is the season of gift giving, I thought you might find this helpful.

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November 2013

Just a few words, before we leave October to our history. The California Veteran’s Home recently had its’ Grand Opening, Oct. 18 & 19. Ten Guild members and a few spouses attended the events on Saturday, and were delighted with a tour of the beautiful new facility and grounds.

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October 2013

Please note the Angel Babies article in this Newsletter. We have an opportunity to assist Nancy Hinds Hospice in acquiring a $30,000 grant, but I need you to vote on-line by Oct. 13! Your help in this matter would do so much to further the work of compassion in our own community.

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September 2013

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August 2013

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July 2013

Our June Guest Artist, Sylvia Owens, was such a delight! Not only did she visualize fabric and garments in a whole new way, she actually remembered where she obtained the fabric! Not bad for 83! A role model for us all.

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June 2013

Spring is flying by, but before we retire the season entirely, I want to offer our thanks to Kathleen Melikian for graciously hosting the New Members Tea, in April. Also, special thanks go to Jessi Ellis, Michele Carlson, Joanie Martin and Kathleen Melikian for opening their studios with the membership for the 2013 Studio Tour. Thanks to Lor-Rae Raus and Terry Brown for the creation and sales of the Studio Tour Passports. We are very blessed to have such generous and creative members! 

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May 2013

I love the month of May! For the Guild it means a Studio Tour of our own members creative work space. I am always eager to see how other quilters manage and organize their sewing and stash areas. For me, this is a constant challenge.

Recently, I realized that I was losing floor space in my sewing room. At some point in the past, I decided that baskets were the perfect solution to my growing stash, since the drawers were full and the shelves were packed tight. Well, now the baskets are taking over!

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April 2013

A big hug and THANK YOU to KATHLEEN MELIKIAN for her donation of the 2013 Opportunity Quilt. ‘The Universe Laughs in Technicolor’ is a delightful use of saturated color on a black & white background, with precise paper pieced star blocks. The very lucky winner of this quilt was our own member, Bobbi Desmond! This quilt generated nearly $2,800 for the Guild. Great job, everyone!

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March 2013

Don’t you just love this time of year? The orchards are beginning to burst into blossom, the days are lengthening and the renewal and hope of spring are in the air. 

As I write this, I am camped out at my dining room table, sorting out stacks of paper and organizing information for an upcoming tax appointment. Sound familiar?

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February 2013

Once, I had an opportunity to take a class with Jean Ray Laury, which included two days of classes, Frank cooking dinner for us all and a good night’s sleep under one of Jean’s quilts. Needless to say, I thought that I’d died and gone to Heaven! One of the things I’ll always remember, besides their gracious hospitality, was Jean’s comment  about the important role that fiber plays in our lives. From the moment we are born, we are surrounded and protected by cloth!

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January 2013

I am writing this on the eve of Dec. 20, and I am struggling to move my brain from Christmas mode to the New Year. Just between you and me, as much as I look forward to a new year, I hate New Year’s Eve. So overrated! A few good friends, a simple dinner, and everybody goes home early, that’s my idea of a great NYE!

We all thank Ann Dellavalle for bringing us the wonderful choir from Sunnyside High School. Old favorites set to new and fresh arrangements! And, thank goodness those kids brought their appetites, because we had so much food!

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