Dear Quilter’s

 Congratulations to all, on a successful and colorful Quilt Show! My heartfelt thanks to Jessi Ellis and Carol
Mercer, for their energy and talent, in chairing this event! And, thanks also, to Nancy Christian for a
brilliant layout. Kudos, to Judy Bibb for knocking it out of the park, with Raffle Quilt Ticket Sales! If you
entered a quilt, helped with set-up, or take down, white glove, admissions, security, Country Store, 
boutique, vendors, or any task, you know it is true that, “it takes a village to put on a Quilt Show!”

 With spring upon us, the next task at hand for the Board, is to look forward and begin to build next years’
Budget. I will need each Board member and Chairperson to copy their Budget Sheet from the back of your
Notebook. Please copy and drop into the mail or e-mail it to me, as soon as possible. The Board members
will then use this information to build the new Budget.

Likewise with the Interest Finder forms that were passed out at the April General Meeting. The Board
uses this information to fill out the roster of job positions for the new year. These forms will be available
again at the May General Meeting for your convenience. We really need your help on this one, as none of
us has quite figured out the mind reading thing!!!

It seems to be early to be thinking about the new year, but our fiscal year starts in September. And, as
required by the bylaws, the Slate of Officers and the Budget must be presented to the membership at the
June General Meeting and voted on at the August General Meeting.

Ok, enough of the business of running a Quilt Guild, let’s talk about play time. I had occasion to attend
Best of the Valley with an artist friend of mine, and purchased a book entitled, “15 Minutes of Play,” by 
Victoria Findlay Wolfe. She poses the question, “What is play? Play is different for everyone. Even 
though we are adults, we all still have that childlike sense of what play is. Whether you are a new or a 
seasoned quilter, there is always room for play - to reconnect to the curiosity you had as a child.” I find 
that 15 minutes of play, can turn into a few hours or a whole day in my sewing room! Give it a try; you
might just surprise yourself with how much fun 15 minutes of play can be!!!

 Happy quilting,
Barbara Van Rozeboom

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