Dear Quilter’s

 I don’t know about you, but I was intrigued and delighted with the graphics in the 2014 Olympics, last month.   Well, come to find out the quilting world was abuzz with the Sochi Olympic Quilt!  The entire quilt, and its’ story, can be found on line and it is well worth the read.

 We’re on the countdown for the Quilt Show, and I know everybody is busy finishing quilts, applying bindings and labels.  I am always amazed how the show comes together, through the efforts of our loyal members.  This year Sandy & Keith Gaines will be photographing members with their quilts.  It worked out well at the February Meeting, and we’ll have another session at the March Meeting, between 5 & 7 pm.  Final photo sessions will be at PESC on March 9 & 16, between 11 am & 1 pm. 

 Keith has offered to create something that’s been on my mind for several shows, now.  A time lapse photography piece, showing an empty Golden Palace, that bit by bit, is converted into a Quilt Show!  I think it will be fun to see, but more importantly, we can use it in the future for promotional purposes. What would we do without our family & friends!

 Board Meeting will by on MONDAY, MARCH 17, at PESC.  In April, we will resume our normal schedule for Board Meeting, the third Thursday.

 Block of the Month still needs a helper, so call me to help out.

 The New Members’ Tea is scheduled for Sat., April 12, and we need a home and hostess to step up for this event.  So, give me a call.

 Got to go, I have one disobedient quilt that needs to be re-trimmed and re-bound, ugh!!!

 Keep calm and carry on,

 Barbara Van Rozeboom