Dear Quilter’s Your Board is in full planning mode for the new fiscal year starting in September, and we will be presenting the Slate of Officers and the Budget at the June General Meeting. The official vote of the membership will take place at the August General Meeting. Ok, on to lighter topics….I was wondering how many of us started out sewing with toy sewing machines making doll clothes. Maybe you tried your hand at costumes and clothing before jumping into quilting. Once, having crossed over to the quilting side, I didn’t see myself going back to garments. But, then again, life is full of surprises. I recently found myself at Betty’s Fabrics in San Luis Obispo with a friend, with no special purpose in mind, other than the usual pilgrimage to a fabric store, when suddenly I was completely overtaken with a fabric! (Sound familiar?) I picked up the bolt and walked around with it as the creative process took root in the playground of my mind!! Soon the full image emerged!!! This wild print was going to be an unstructured kimono jacket with a batik band and a contrasting black & white striped flange. Once home I washed the fabric, and a few days later I proceeded to stay in my pajamas on Mother’s Day, and let this crazy project come to fruition…… was a delicious, guilty pleasure. So now, with my confession complete, I’d like to encourage you to spend some time in that playground of your mind and just see what happens. Get excited and go make something, Barbara Van Rozeboom READ MORE