Dear Quilter’s,


Thank you for your vote of confidence in June regarding the financial contribution for the Amish Quilt Exhibit, as well as, supporting Sew-A-Future with our Memorial Funds.  With a reverence for our quilting past, we can look globally to a situation that also needs our kindness and generosity.  That’s what quilters and volunteers do! 


With the heavy lifting complete for next year’s Budget and Slate, I’d like to take this time to thank everyone who said YES and contributed their time, talent and good humor to making our Guild successful.  Whether you’re a long time member, or a new member, you are valuable to this organization.  I hope you find many friendships and adventures to enrich your life with the Guild.  My only regret is not joining earlier!


The July General Meeting will be very special, with a Color Guard, and Quilt of Valor recipients.  The room will be arranged to facilitate the presentation, but we need your help!  Please bring family, friends and guests who would appreciate and support this special event for our Veterans.  Let’s see if we can pack the room!


So, let’s break out our red, white & blue, and make this a special evening.  Mark your calendar for Thursday, July 10!


Happy 4th of July!                 



Barbara Van Rozeboom