Hinds Hospice - Angel Babies Envelope Tutorial

I'm offering this tutorial and pattern just because it's a wonderful service Hinds Hospice offers!!! I am considering this the whole cloth method of making the fabric envelopes. I've uploaded the cutting & sewing instructions I received from Hinds Hospice as well as a pattern I drafted. Click here to print/download the pattern/sewing instructions from Hinds Hospice. Click here and here to print/download the pattern I drafted to go along with the tutorial I put together below. Please keep in mind this is my FIRST tutorial and pattern. I found this to be a good way for me to cut & sew the envelopes. STEP 1: Print the pattern. I've uploaded two pdf's. They're labeled "Envelope Left Side" and "Envelope Right Side". You'll be joining the two pieces to make the body of the envelope. Due to the finished size (9x12) I had to split the pattern. NOTE: Make sure that when you go to print the pattern to check "None" on the page scaling option. If you don't, the pattern will not print out correctly. They should look like this.

STEP 2: Joining the left and right side to make one pattern piece that measures 9x13. I am allowing a half inch on each side for the seam allowance. I did not allow for any seam allowance for the front top as I will be binding it. I took the right side and cut on the line at the left side of the paper. I used double sided scotch tape on the right side of the left pattern piece to attach the right side to it.

Of course you can attach the left and right pattern pieces any way you would like. It should look like this when you are done. Measure your pattern and make any adjustments at this time. I trimmed along the outside lines. It should look like this once all sides are trimmed. It should measure 9x13.

STEP 3: I wanted to add a flap to the top of my pattern piece. I joined another left and right sides together. I know it's difficult to see, but I did include a flap piece on the top portion of the pattern. It's shaded a light gray. You should now have the flap and the body of the envelope. I rounded the corners of my flap a bit more. I will be using my Babylock binding machine to add the binding. I get better results if the corners are a bit more rounded. You can add whatever style flap that works for you.

STEP 4: To finish the pattern I taped the flap to the top of the bottom pattern piece like so. You'll have one pattern piece.

STEP 5: Getting the fabric ready. I quilted an all over stippling pattern on my sandwich (top, batting, and backing).

STEP 6: Cutting out the envelopes. I folded the bottom edge of the fabric up about ten inches (it should be 9 inches, but I was bad and didn't straighten the edge). Also, if you made any adjustments to your pattern to include a seam allowance for the top front, your measurement will be different. Lay the bottom edge of the pattern on the fold. I cut out three fabric envelopes in no time.

STEP 7: At this time you may wish to do a little embellishing. I used a bit of applique to embellish mine. See the cute little lion on the bottom left hand corner. Absolutely adorable, right?!

STEP 8: Adding the binding. Use the binding method that works best for you. I will admit I haven't perfected the binding technique on my sewing machine yet. I will be using my Babylock binding machine. For me, it's much easier as it folds and binds in one easy step. I started with binding the front top edge.

I then binded the sides and flap. The binding has been attached to the sides and flap.

Trim, fold under, and sew the binding where it starts and ends. It should line up to the bottom edge of the fabric envelope.

STEP 9: Adding the closure. I chose to add a white snap instead of velcro. STEP 10: I tested the size of the envelope by inserting a small stack of 8.5x11 paper. It fits perfectly!!!

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial.

Angel Babies