Comfort Quilts

Comfort quilts are exactly what they sound like. They give comfort to those who need it. Some may go to keep wheelchair patients warm in hospitals or hospices, others may ride around in a plastic bag in a police officer's trunk until needed to comfort a child in crisis. There are many different needs, and all appreciate every item bestowed on their organization.

Click Here for some general guidelines in making comfort quilts.


Dec 16, 2013

This March, the Comfort Quilt Committee will supply fabric and batting to all of those who wish to participate in the Comfort Quilt Challenge. A goal of 50 quilts has been set for the challenge. The finished quilts will be

Nov 22, 2013
A special thank you goes to those members who turned in cradle items last month: ensembles from Grandma Krebs (18!) and Cyndy Smith, and mattress/pillow sets from Sue Vildosola (9)