Here are the activities that San Joaquin Valley Quilters Guild encounter monthly to yearly. Enjoy!



Ever wanted to learn how to make that special quilt you saw on television? You should come to our programs for we have presenters that have been quilting for years and would like to show you the tricks of creating that elegant quilt. Click here to learn more


Special Events

With so many events that happen locally and in California, our Quilting guild are always planning special events. Click here to learn more


Monthly Activities

Being our member allows you to participate in all the activities we provide. Monthly our members participate in activities such as Show & Tell, Block of the Month, and Fat Quarter Exchange which is where each month has a specific theme. Click here to learn more


Year Round Activities

Being part of the Central Valley, we participate in helping our community. We do year round activities such as Comfort Quilts, Veterans Quilt, Opportunity Quilt, Doll & Cradle Quilts, and Angel babies. Click her to learn more