Guild Meeting Speaker Leora Raikin

Lecture: Return to Africa


Leora Raikin, is a South African native, living in Los Angeles. She was taught this creative and multi- cultural needlecraft by her mother. "African Folklore Embroidery is my hobby and passion," says Leora. "I love stitching, I love using colors and I take a great sense of pride in each design completed by one of my students. No two completed kit designs ever look the same!"

It is almost four years since she started teaching African Folklore Embroidery to adults and children across the United States. Since then over 6,000 people have completed an African Folklore Embroidery class. It has been so exciting to see the response from quilters, embroiderers and those who have never stitched before and are stunned by their results! She gets so excited and proud when her students email pictures of their completed designs.

In order to keep up with the growing requests for lectures, workshops and classes throughout the United States and Canada, and continue with her mission to educate people about South Africa through African Folklore Embroidery, a multi-cultural needleart, Leora developed the African Folklore Embroidery Educators Training Program.

Through training and educational material this allows for others to lecture and teach African Folklore Embroidery at guilds, shops, museums, scout troops and summer camps.

In the lectures she presents on African Folklore Embroidery and convey information about South Africa and African Folklore Embroidery in a humorous, entertaining, informative and interactive manner. A percentage of all book sales are donated to Kidzpositive, an AIDS charity that supports mothers and children with AIDS in South Africa.

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February 8th, 2018 7:00 PM
Hope Lutheran Church
364 E. Barstow
Fresno, 93710
United States

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