Dear Quilter’s,

For all who attended the July General Meeting, I know you’ll never forget it!  For those of you who missed it, words may not be sufficient.  We met four Veterans that night, heard about their military service and civilian life and awarded Quilts of Valor.  There was not a dry eye in the place!  I spoke to one of the recipients afterward and he confided that the Quilt of Valor meant more to him than the medals he was awarded. I told him that he was appreciated, and that our expression of gratitude was long overdue.  Special kudos to GERRI PYMM for her vision in bringing the Vets to the membership.

We know that sewing mends the soul, and now we know that quilts can heal! 

Since this is my last President’s Message, I’d like to thank everyone for their support.  Two years have passed quickly, and I am so pleased with our accomplishments, especially the new website.  I look forward to seeing the future of our Guild through the eyes of our new Officers and Board.

I’ve been saving this; a quote from my hero, Freddy Moran:

“I make quilts because I have to . . . I honor my Creator through my quilts.  I make quilts because I like to . . . If others like them, all the better, but I would make my quilts even if I had to stack them hidden in a closet.”

May you continue to let your light shine, through your quilts!


Thank you,

Barbara Van Rozeboom