Dear Quilter’s,


Please forgive me, but I do need to economize my time and energy and have therefore decided to make my column this month an invitation to the ‘New Member’s Tea.’


If your name appears below, you are cordially invited to the ‘New Member’s Tea’, to be held at Jessi Ellis’ home on Saturday, April 12, 10 AM to Noon, located at:

                                    4781 East Teague Ave.

                                    Clovis, CA  93619


Ginna Bearden                                 Jacqueline Beck

Amanda Bell                                     Amy Blodgett

Jackie Brown                                     Estella Esqueda

Janette Johnson                                Linda Knabke

Barbie Lindstrom                              Gayle Lovely

M’Liz Nelson                                        Tracy Newkirk

Janet Patten                                      Linda Ross

Ruth Stockdale                                  Debbie Takemota

Nancy Wright


Please RSVP, to me at 289-6519.  If you are not on the list, but are a more seasoned member and would like to attend to welcome these gals, just give me a call!


Keep calm and carry on,


Barbara Van Rozeboom

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