2 Fat Quarters Fabric and 1 Fat Quarter fusible batting                                   Marking Pen (Fusion) or Chalk

1 – 14”/16”” zipper and thread to match                                                              Chopstick or Corner tool

Rotary Cutter, 24” ruler, cutting mat and sewing machine

Iron and Ironing board

1.       PREPARING:  Cut both fat quarters and batting to 15” x 20”.   Cut one strip fabric 3” x 13” and one layer of batting 2 ½” x 13” for handle.  Set handle pieces aside for later.

2.       Take outside fabric and lining and press flat.  Then, fold in ½” on each short end of both layers and press in place. 

3.       Now, make a “quilt sandwich” by centering all three layers, and layering (1) outside layer, (2) batting, and (3) lining layer.  Smooth and iron all three layers together, ironing both sides so fabric and batting are fused. 

4.       Mark a Vertical line on the Center of the sandwich from short side to short side.  Continue marking vertical lines 1” apart on both sides of the center line.  You will have several parallel lines when you have completed marking.  NOTE:  Leave 1 ½” open on each end for zipper placement.

5.       QUILTING:   Quilt all 3 layers beginning in the center and working first to one side, then turning your panel around and quilting from the center to the outside.   Remember to leave 1 ½” on each outside edge for your zipper.

6.       Decide which end of your bag will be the Top Edge and mark it with a “T” as the Top Edge.

7.       Open zipper and placing the zipper tape at the Top Edge, insert one side of the zipper tape between the folded edges leaving a generous ½” for end seam.  Stitch in place.  Now, do the same on the other side of the zipper.  Close zipper part way and set aside while you make the handle.  Cut off excess zipper end.

8.       MAKING THE HANDLE:  Center the 2 ½” strip on the 3” x 13” handle strip.  Fold the long outside edges over the batting and press carefully, keeping the iron off the batting.  Fold down the middle matching folded edges.  Press in place on both sides.  Stitch through all layers making several rows of parallel stitching to reinforce handle.

9.       ATTACHING HANDLE TO BAG:  Turn bag so right sides are together, centering the zipper.  Match the ends.  Insert the handle ends in the seam about ¾” from the zipper on each side of the zipper tape.  Stitch.  This is the Top Edge of your bag.    Using a ½” seam allowance, stitch both bag ends closed making sure to catch the Handle in the seam on both sides of the zipper.  Did you leave your zipper open?

10.   To Box the corners of the bag, use a chopstick or pointed tool to push out the corners.  Now, flatten the seam and forming a 1 1/2” deep triangle (from the point to the base) and keeping both sides an equal length, stitch across the base of the triangle this forms.  Do this on both ends of the bag.  

 Turn your bag right side out and push the corners out to neatly shape your bag.

11.    Your bag is now complete!